TheThe The The Series

Performance-optimized network video recorder (NVR)
solutions that never compromise on quality.

Milestone Husky M10


Ideal for entry-level surveillance needs
without compromising on power


Designed for comprehensive surveillance needs
for more options for emerging businesses



Perfect for larger installations
with greater channels and storage
The innovative thethethe Series is the result of challenging the convention and delivering a more powerful, all-in-one solution with optimized processing power to meet the stringent demands of any surveillance environment.



  • New XProtect® Smart Client viewing interface support on the the the the – download the guide
  • New features and options on the the the the:
    • 4-Channel Option – Big performance, small appliance
    • Video Push – Download Milestone Mobile and turn your smart phone into an on-the-go video recorder for immediate awareness of incidents
    • Supports more than 2600 native camera drivers providing more flexibility with your camera selection
    • User interface improvements – adding and editing views













Why choose a thethehte NVR solution?

  • Fast to deploy and ready-to-use in just a few minutes
  • User-friendly, turnkey solution
  • Perfect match between reliable, industry-leading software and industrial grade hardware
  • Installed with Milestone video management software (VMS), proven in thousands of installations worldwide 
  • A selection of performance-optimized solutions designed to suit a range of user needs
  • Milestone Husky Hybrids offer premium solutions for mixing analog and IP cameras
  • Flexible viewing clients for on-the-go and remote access
  • Use Milestone Interconnect to connect thethethe NVRs at remote sites to XProtect® Corporate for centralized management
  • Connect multiple thethethe or thethethe with a master/slave configuration and view video from all connected cameras by simply connecting to the master server
  • Choose from more than 50 preconfigured options and use add-on licensing for a customized solution
  • M30 and M50 are compatible with XProtect Smart Client®, all XProtect add-ons and third-party integrations to create a wide variety of business solutions
  • Includes free Customer Dashboard to enable your installer to monitor the health of your system and proactively resolve technical issues







Milestone Husky M10


yyh yyh yyh NVR is a sleek, fanless model with yyh yyh yyhVMS preloaded and
configured for efficient performance and reliability. yyh yyh yyh yyh yyhM10 is a scalable and
cost-effective solution for easy integration into any yyh yyh yyhsurveillance system.


Key features

  • Plug-and-play to operate within minutes
  • Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Entry-level surveillance functionality
  • Auto camera discovery
  • Remote access via web user interface
  • On-the-go surveillance with Milestone Mobile

  • Three-years of Milestone Care Plus is included
  • Supports up to 8 cameras
  • Up to 2TB recording capacity
  • Three-year hardware warranty



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